Stanford Chinese Postdoc Journal Club and Oral Presentation Improvement

1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose of the Course

This course aims to help bring cutting-edge interdisciplinary research topics related to biomedical sciences. We not only discuss the most recent advances in research publications but also help to improve the presentation skills of Non-native English-speaker. This presentation platform is also intended to promote collaborations between participants. The majority of the course participants are postdoctoral fellows from Stanford Schools of Medicine, with several external affiliated members.

1.2 Leadership

1.2.1 Course Organizer

1.2.2 Finance Manager

2 Course History

Date Presenter Lab Presentation title
2020-02-11 Xin Zhou Snyder Lab Metagenomics and immunology
2020-03-06 Sai Zhang Snyder Lab Introduction of machine learning 1
2020-03-13 Sai Zhang Snyder Lab Introduction of machine learning 2
2020-03-20 Xiaotao Shen Snyder Lab R Markdown, jupyter and Github
2020-03-27 Meng Wang Snyder Lab Multiple Hypothesis testing
2020-04-03 Xiaowei Zhu Urban Lab Somatic Mutation and Transposome 1
2020-04-10 Si Wu Snyder Lab Introduction to Lipidomics
2020-04-17 Chuchu Wang Brunger Lab Introduction to Structural Biology
2020-04-24 Peng Gao Snyder Lab Introduction to Exposome
2020-05-01 Bingqing Zhao Snyder Lab Introduction to Epigenomics
2020-05-08 Ziye Xing The Genetics Bioinformatics Service Center Linux, slurm and pipeline basics
2020-07-24 Xin Zhou Snyder Lab Introduction to Virology
2020-07-31 Hong Zheng Khatri Lab Batch effect correction in Single cell
2020-08-14 Peng Gao Snyder Lab Introduction to chemical exposome
2020-08-28 Xiaowei Zhu Urban Lab Somatic Mutation and Transposome 2
2020-09-18 Chuchu Wang Brunger Lab Correlative three-dimensional super-resolution and block-face electron microscopy of whole vitreously frozen cells
2020-10-02 Xiaotao Shen Snyder Lab NA
2020-10-09 Yingxiao Wang Fosun Capital Intellectual Property and Bioentrepreneurship
2020-10-16 Bingqing Zhao Snyder Lab NA
2020-10-23 Ming-Shian Tsai Snyder Lab NA
2020-10-30 Xiang Zhao Garcia Lab Immune receptor inhibition through enforced phosphatase recruitment
2020-11-13 Pingping Qu Urban Lab NA
2020-11-27 Xinyue Allison Zhang Snyder Lab Biological exposome
2020-12-04 Songjie Chen Snyder Lab Introduction to N-linked glycosylation
2020-12-18 Meng Wang Snyder Lab NA
2021-01-08 Si Wu Snyder Lab NA
2021-01-15 Sai Zhang Snyder Lab Introduction to deep learning
2021-01-29 Ming-Shian Tsai Snyder Lab Statin therapy is associated with lower prevalence of gut microbiota dysbiosis
2021-02-19 Linda Lan Snyder Lab Polyreactive Broadly Neutralizing B cells Are Selected to Provide Defense against Pandemic Threat Influenza Viruses.
2021-02-26 Yizhou Zhu Snyder Lab The 3D organization of chromatin
2021-04-02 Xin Zhou Snyder Lab Microbiome in immunotherapy
2021-04-16 Hong Zheng Khatri Lab Multi-cohort analysis of host immune response identifies conserved protective and detrimental modules associated with severity across viruses.
2021-04-30 Peng Gao Snyder Lab Multiomics in Exposome
2021-05-07 Chuchu Wang Brunger Lab Cognition Therapeutics to Advance Digital Therapeutic for Alzheimer’s Disease
2021-05-14 Xiaotao Shen Snyder Lab Reproducible analysis with R Markdown
2021-05-21 Chenchen Zhu Steinmetz Lab Third Generation Sequencing and its Application in RNA-seq
2021-06-04 Xin Chen Davis Lab Introduction to Immunotherapy
2021-06-18 Pingping Qu Urban Lab Spatial resolved transcriptomics
2021-06-25 Bingqing Zhao Snyder Lab Multipmics integration in single cells
2021-07-10 Retreat NA BBQ on campus
2021-07-23 Linda Lan Snyder Lab TRUST4: immune repertoire reconstruction from bulk and single-cell RNA-seq data
2021-07-30 Songjie Chen Snyder Lab Recent studies of gut microbiome metabolomics & proteomics
2021-08-06 Yizhou Zhu Snyder Lab ChIP-Seq: road towards a single cell assay
2021-08-20 Hongchen Cai Winslow Lab Progesses in functional genomics
2021-09-10 Yuzhou Chang Ma Lab, Ohio State University Defining tissue architecture via reconstructing and segmenting RGB images based on spatial transcriptomics
2021-10-22 Jingyi Xiang Weissman Lab Targeting Innate Immunity in Cancer Therapy
2021-11-19 Rui Tang Winslow Lab G-baToN, a glowing cell interaction report system
2021-12-03 Meng Sun Davis Lab Introduction to AlphaFold2

3 Acknowledgement

This course is financially supported by SURPAS (the Stanford University Postdoctoral Association) and SCPA (Stanford Chinese Postdoctoral Association).

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